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Academic Programmes

Whether you are an educational institution aspiring to attain global standard, or a student planning to study abroad to acquire skills and excel, AGP School can help you in the following service offerings.

  • Academic study skills and cultural orientation for international students

Global Education and orientation towards the requirements of international markets requires first and foremost awareness and insight into the necessity of change. Studying abroad can be academically and culturally daunting for new overseas students. Many African overseas students embarking on study abroad struggle to cope with the education system and cultural differences in the UK.

Having experienced these students at first hand, AGP’s academic skills and orientation programme provides market need educational study and research support skills for students in the UK and from Africa planning to study in the UK. Our two weeks workshop in certain regions in Africa runs in August and Sept. Our approach includes:

  • Study support skills

  • Research support skills

  • Help on course work/project

  • Help with exam techniques

  • Mentoring and counselling

  • Career advice

We strongly believe that academic study skills have to be learned with cultural orientation in order to be able to settle down into your study, the environment and perform better in your exams, coursework and dissertation. Therefore, we prefer group training systems, designed to meet all needs. Additionally we also provide tailored made workshops for the awarding bodies’ sponsored students.

AGP works in partnership with students’ recruitment consultants, scholarship bodies, international institutions, private sector and individuals.

If you are interested in joining this programme, please contact


  • International Study Tours  to provide participants the opportunity to discover business possibilities with both public and private sector companies in Africa, UK, United States, China and India.  It also offers valuable knowledge for helping participants become successful international managers, entrepreneurs and responsible leaders

  • Africa Study Abroad and Exchange– in future AGP will be interested in partnering with institutions in Africa.

  • Summer School – AGP runs one day annual student and graduate summer conference on International Business & Enterprise in the UK and Nigeria. [see photos]

  • Annual Conference - AGP meets with international colleagues and students and learn about trends and best practice in management and entrepreneurship education in the UK and Africa. AGP partners with EDC, Pan-Atlantic University to co-organise 1st Africa Enterprise Educators Conference 2013 [website]

  • Africa Thought Leaders Forum – AGP can help you put together a special panel discussion event on a topic related to business, management, international business and entrepreneurship in the UK and Africa. We also run Africa Thought Leaders Forum for business decision makers and stakeholders in industry and higher education.